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Sawasdee Ka! Welcome to My Kitchen

Thank you for being here. A warm welcome to our family and Thailand. 

It's my mission to spread the deliciousness and wholesomeness

of Thai food to the world, one dish at a time. 

I hope you will enjoy exploring local Thai food and learning more about Thailand through an endless culinary journey with me.

xoxo Achi 

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About Achi

My Home - Thailand 

I was born and raised in Thailand and food has been in my blood since I was a kid. The most delicious Thai food that I ever had is made by my grandma.  I remember one of my favorite childhood memories is with her, going to the market, picking the veggies, preparing, and cooking with her. Eating together with the whole family was absolutely my favorite time of the day. ​


Later my mother opened a Thai restaurant in Bangkok and I helped her run the place. It was an amazing time sharing the delicious food moment with our customers.

Kin Khao Leaw Yung (Have You Eaten)?

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Spicy, Always Eat, I am Thai  

Living aboard and meeting friends from around the world, I came to realized how many people love Thai food! 

When I mention that I'm from Thailand, often the first phrase people would say "I love Thai food (and Pad Thai)!". Though often they feel that it's quite such a hassel to make at home..preparing all the ingredients and getting many cooking sauces. 

Previously when I had my travel company, Hivesters and we organized cooking classes to our clients together with local aunties and grannies. People are amazed and surprised that it's actually simple to make delicious Thai dishes! And how different the taste is compare to what they get in their home countries.

It's my mission here to spread the joy of cooking Thai food to you that you can simply make at home from recipes that I've learnt from my family, aunties and grannies around Thailand.  

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